Residential Exterior

We adhere to strict procedures for proper exterior preparation and painting.

Here you are at another painter’s website, hoping to glean whether or not my company is worth your efforts, or maybe you’re searching for some general painting info. I hope that by providing enough of the latter I can convince you of the former. That said, I’m going to ramble on about painting and such for a few pages, and if you can stick with me, you’ll have a good idea about how things are supposed to be done, and a fair idea of whether you’d hire us or not.

Painting is not rocket science, I will readily admit. But those of you who have hired multiple contractors in your life have firsthand knowledge that not all contractors are created equal. Those of you who have not yet had the pleasure of hiring a painter should be forewarned that, well, all painting contractors are not created equal…

Residential Exterior Quotes should include all of the following considerations:

  • Protect all structure, landscaping, and furnishings

  • Clean gutter interiors and exteriors

  • Remove storm windows, shutters, fixtures, door hardware, downspouts, etc. as necessary

  • Remove all the old Holiday light hooks, nails, and staples

  • Clean and sand all substrates to be painted

  • Repair or replace rotten substrates

  • Prime all repairs, complete primer coats on defined areas with appropriate primer

  • Seal all stains

  • Apply two topcoats to all substrates

  • Clean all window and door glass

  • Return storm windows, shutters, etc. to original location

  • Clean up everything

  • Pack up ladders

  • Go home

Painting is a tremendous drag to many people. Some people can't even be paid to paint well. Those people should not be holding a paint brush in your house. If one of those people is you, we're available to help.

Whatever your home exterior needs, chances are we have experience with them. Feel confident in calling us for Powerwashing in conjunction with paint or stain work, fence building and painting, deck building and painting or staining. We've even been known to help with foundation or leaky window issues when they are referred to us in conjunction with paint work. If you have an issue that is keeping you from the painting phase of your project, let us assist you in progressing to completion!